Day 9

I didn’t intend to only blog about my diet, but it is the main thing going on in my life right now, and I have found that I still have a bit of “writer’s block” when it comes to things that are more personal. So I’ll just use the diet as a way to get comfortable with writing again, and then I guess I’ll expand.

I haven’t lost any weight in the past two days, which is annoying but not discouraging. On one day I ate closer to 600 calories and ate an apple at like 10 pm, and then yesterday I forgot the drops at work and so I couldn’t take them before dinner. Today I have been a bit stricter; hopefully I’ll see change in the scale when I weigh myself in the morning. But as long as I’m not gaining weight, it’s all good.

I found Melissa from Urbankitten, and it wasn’t really hard at all. All I did was google “Melissa Urbankitten.” I had done the same thing a few years ago, but it just kept leading me to pages from 2002 and to some girl who really likes Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars. This time it led me to a new site Melissa has, Live for Fashion. Except that site hasn’t been updated since last April, and she hasn’t Tweeted since October. I will probably reach out to her through Twitter.

After clicking on Melissa’s links and then clicking on those people’s links I found someone who could possibly be C. I tried to email but the link wasn’t working, so then I tried to send fan mail but tumblr said I have to wait 2 weeks. But it’s progress. In the meantime I found a bunch of good blogs to read.


About notchangingmyname

I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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