Starting the HCG drops again.

I was wavering all week on whether or not I should start taking the drops again. I was still losing weight, so I figured that maybe I should hold off on the drops until I reached a plateau. But then, starting on Thursday, I began gaining weight. By Friday morning I gained almost 2 pounds. I can’t figure out why, since I was still eating under 1400 calories and I went to the gym every day. It wasn’t my period – that came and went without any weight increase. WTF?!

I know 2 pounds isn’t a lot (I’m still 3 pounds under where I was the last day of the drops), but at this precarious point in my weight loss and stabilization I figure it’s better for me to get back on the drops and the strict diet. Also, my mom ordered a bottle, so I’m going to start with her and try to guide her through it. I’m taking my friend out to dinner on Monday night for her birthday, so on Tuesday I will start the low-calorie diet. Meaning that tomorrow I will start taking the drops, and that tomorrow and Monday will be “loading” days.

But really, my loading started last night.

It was my first time eating “bad” carbs in 2 months. I went to a cuban place for a “ladies night” dinner with my friends. I ordered the skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, which was acceptable, but it came with a side of fries, which were not. Haha. I ate about half of them and my friends ate the rest. But oh lord, I WENT TO TOWN on the rice that came with my friend’s paella. It was good, but even as I was eating it I knew I would pay for it later. And I was right – within the hour I had a really bad stomachache.

I didn’t eat too much today. Only 1000 calories. I made Matzo ball soup today using almond flour – it came out amazing! But even though I’m “allowed” to eat that on the maintenance phase, I think that’s the type of thing I probably should avoid. That and all the desserts I’ve been making, including cheesecake, peanut butter cups, and chocolate delight. They put me back into fat girl mode, and that’s not where I need to be right now. That’s why I’m looking forward to taking the drops and getting back on the strict diet. It’ll give me a chance to refocus.


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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2 Responses to Starting the HCG drops again.

  1. phattphudge says:

    i know what you mean, I love food way too much to give it up, but I have been trying really hard to eat in moderation for the past few weeks. I’ve never taken any supplements before, but I do work out 5 times a week on a consistent basis. Do you also work out while taking the supplements, because it would probably be a lot more effective, AND allow you to eat some of the foods you enjoy =] In any case, I admire you for being able to maintain a strict diet =]

    • Thanks a lot! Yes I do work out, at least 4 times a week. Once I get to my goal weight then I agree that I should be to eat what I want in moderation…unless the things that I want to eat are cookies, cake and pasta! Haha. But for now I figure just let me stick to the really strict diet so I can lose the weight as fast as possible and finally STOP being on a diet. 🙂

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