Update – OkCupid date – guy #1

My date went really well. We met up this bar at 8. I was 10 minutes late, as is my custom, because it took me forever to find a parking spot. My date, E, was sitting at the bar when I got there. I thought he was cute, although sometimes I would look at him and think he was dorky. But overall I think I was attracted to him. The conversation was smooth. He did most of the talking, but I wasn’t as shy and tight-lipped as I usually am around strangers.

We talked about normal first-date, getting-to-know-you topics. He is also separated, has been for 2 years. It was nice to talk about the heavy stuff upfront and get it out of the way, as opposed to avoiding it the way I did with Manchild.

There was one REALLY weird thing that happened though. It was towards the end of the date, around 9:45. So at the bar E is sitting to my left, and then like 2 seats down from him there’s a girl sitting there by herself. I go to the bathroom, then when I come back E goes to the bathroom. While I’m sitting there alone I make eye contact with the girl. She turns to me and says “I really love your glasses.” I say thank you.

Her: It’s been such a long day.
Me: I know, I’m tired too. I’m ready to go home and go to sleep!
Her: What brings you here tonight?
Me: Actually, I’m on an OkCupid date!
Her: Online dating is so bad, it’s nothing but a bunch of guys trying to project this image of themselves that doesn’t really exist. People need to stop searching for dates and start working on finding their inner artists, so they can be fulfilled by their own creativity.

Or something like that. At this point in the conversation I couldn’t tell if the girl was a hippie-type or if she was just a little bit “off.” So I just smiled and nodded and said “That’s true. And maybe by finding their own passions they would meet people they actually have things in common with.” Her eyes lit up when I said that, and she got up from her seat and came and sat in E’s seat (tripping as she did so, haha).

Her: I run a Women’s Empowerment Collective. We meet up and do workshops and have discussions about issues facing women (…yada yada yada, I don’t really remember what she said).
Me: Oh, that sounds interesting.
Her: Here, let me give you my card.

I take the card, and then she gives me a sheet of paper and says “Why don’t you give me your email? There are certain private events that I don’t list on my website.” So I gave it to her. (Turns out I have trouble saying ‘No” to guys AND girls.)

E came back from the bathroom as I was writing down my email, so she got up and went back to her seat, but pulled it closer to us. She introduced herself to both of us. E was very nice and friendly, but not in an inappropriate way. We’re all talking and then she says:

“Do either of you feel like we’re on a different plane tonight? Like there’s something in the air that just makes you feel like the world has shifted and you can accomplish anything you want to?”

E replies that in fact there was recently a shift in the alignment of the planets, so maybe she’s tuned in to that. She gets REALLY excited and mentions that even though she didn’t know that, she saw new stars in the sky last night and knew that SOMETHING was different.

At which point I got kind of excited as well, because I had noticed the two new “stars” in the sky the other night as well, and it had tripped me out because they were so bright. But I had forgotten about them.

Anyway, at some point in the conversation this girl laughed, and she definitely had a crazy person laugh. It started to seem like the conversation was going on forever, and I was getting really annoyed. After 5 minutes or so she gradually disengaged herself from our date. But by this point I was in a funky mood and I had decided I’d had enough. (Also, I think I was coming down from the buzz I had from ONE vodka and club soda.) So I told E that I needed to go. As I stood up and picked up my coat I noticed that SHE was paying her bill and getting herself ready to leave. So I slowed down. I asked E if he was ready, he said he just needed to pay the bill.

She stopped at our chairs as she was leaving and asked me “Are you okay to get home? Do you need anyone to walk you?” It was at this point that I started to realize that she was hitting on me. Hahaha. I said “No, thanks, I have my car, but you get home safe okay?” She said goodnight and left.

Once she had gone I told E about our whole conversation. Then I decided to look at her card. Oh lord, I WISH I could scan it and put it in this blog, but I don’t want there to be any type of links between this site and hers. Apparently “Women’s Empowerment” has a lot to do with masturbation! (There is literally a picture of her on the card looking like she is having an orgasm.)

We left right after that. My car was parked a block away, but his motorcycle was right in front of the bar. I admired it and told him how cool it was, and he said “If you ever want to go for a ride just let me know.” So I said “Why don’t you give me a ride to my car right now?” So he did, and that was exciting and scary. My first time on a motorcycle! At my car we just hugged goodbye, no kiss.

By the time I’d gotten home he had texted me to say that he had a good time. Then he texted me again yesterday morning. He asked if his motorcycle helmet had fit me right, because he has another one in the same size or an extra small one and he wanted to know which one to bring “when I take you out (maybe Saturday) for a ride up into the country.” I told him it fit fine, and he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on Saturday if it’s nice out. I agreed, although the more I think about it the more nervous I am getting.

So yeah, that’s it. There could be potential there.

So why is this an update on “guy #1”? Because I have ANOTHER date lined up for tomorrow night!


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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