OkCupid date – guy #2

He was no Adam Levine, that’s for sure.

I met up with another guy from OkCupid yesterday. I’ll call him Rocker. I knew in advance that he probably wasn’t my type. He’s covered in tattoos, has a double nose piercing, a lip ring, is in a band, etc. But I find all of that to be incredibly sexy, so when he messaged me I said fuck it, why not? We talked for about a week before meeting up last night.

As soon as I saw him I knew I wasn’t interested. On Rocker’s profile it says that he is 5’9. NOT EVEN CLOSE. I’m about 5’4, and with my flat boots on I’m at MOST 5’6. And that’s about how tall Rocker was, because we were eye to eye when we said hello. I don’t understand why people lie on their profiles. You know that you’re going to get caught out there eventually, right? I guess they figure that if they can just get that foot in the door it will be harder for the girl to reject them in person.

So here it is, the very beginning of our date, and I already want to go home. We head inside the bar we had met in front of, but it was packed and really loud. So we headed to a different bar a few blocks away. Same deal, nowhere to sit. I guess we had forgotten to factor in the early St. Patty’s day celebrations that would be taking place. He apologized for failing to pick a good spot and suggested going to another bar he knows, about 10 blocks away. He had the decency to offer up a cab ride, but it took us like 10 minutes to catch a cab! Needless to say, the date didn’t start off well. Even if I had been attracted to him. Which I wasn’t.

Things improved once we got to our destination. We grabbed a table, ordered drinks, and looked at the menu for food. I wasn’t planning to cheat on my diet, but I was freaking starving and I didn’t want to be a total weirdo and order grilled asparagus lol. He suggested fried pickles, which were just as amazing as they sounded. How have I not eaten them before? Anyway, I was a lot more comfortable on this first date – I guess because I wasn’t attracted to him and didn’t feel like I had anything to lose. We talked for a while.

One noteworthy thing – at one point he handed me his phone to show me a picture of this dog he might get. While I was looking at the picture he got a text from “Anna UES” (Upper East Side). Her name flashed up on the screen for like 10 seconds, then disappeared. Then she sent another text. He started to reach for the phone, but I avoided him, pretending I was still looking at the picture while I waited for her name to disappear. As I was handing it to him there was ANOTHER text, so the phone was vibrating as I gave it to him. He glanced at it and said “Ugh I don’t know why people from work are still emailing me at this time.” LIAR!!

That made me feel slightly less bad about rejecting him.

We left the bar around 9 and walked to the closest train station. I asked if he was taking the train, but he said he was meeting up with “a friend” (Anna UES, no doubt) at a bar a few blocks away. He said that he had a really good time and would like to see me again, if I wanted. I said “I had a good time too. We’ll talk.” Then I kissed him on the cheek and left.


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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4 Responses to OkCupid date – guy #2

  1. Cupid must be the most annoying site I’ve ever been on. Anyway, wonder if the guy actually gets any follow-on dates – he evidently has lots of initial interest. I’m always hearing (from dates) about how people lie on profiles and then turn up and hope all will be forgiven. Interesting tactic.

  2. Keith P says:

    I have no idea why men/women lie on their profiles… you WILL find out that I don’t make $600,000 per month, that I’m not 6’1″, but 5’2″, that I don’t have that car I told you about and live with my mom! Really? Come on folks…

    I have yet to meet anyone that outright lied on their profile, but one lady did post a picture that was from 2004…. lol, I didn’t recognize her when she emailed me a more ‘up to date’ one…

    Nice post though… hope you have better luck!

  3. MayDay says:

    Hmm.. he sounds kind of shady lol. Not cool that he’s already lying. And def annoying when they lie about their height.

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