DIY: How to fix a broken nail

It never fails: every time I manage to grow my nails out long and they are looking beautiful, one of them breaks.

Here’s my nails on Friday:

Looking good, right? You might even think they were tips. So of course, the next day the nail on my middle finger broke about halfway across. It broke really low, so if I’d gone ahead and torn it off, all of the white part of the nail would have been gone. And then I would have had to cut the rest of my nails short to match.

The rip:

I did NOT want to have to cut the rest of my nails, so I decided to employ a trick my friend taught me: the Tea Bag Nail Wrap.

1. Empty out a tea bag.

2. Cut off 2 or 3 different sized patches from the tea bag.

3. Lay the smaller patch over the break, then apply a coat of base coat over it.

4. Let it dry a few minutes, then repeat with the bigger patch:

5. At this point I decided better safe than sorry, and I cut up and applied a third patch, this one the full size of my nail.

6. Now you just wait for it all to dry, then paint your nails as normal.

Good as new! Not only can you not tell there was a break, but the nail actually feels strong.


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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