Strawberry coconut milk ice cream

I was recently inspired to buy an ice cream maker. I ordered it on Tuesday, and it arrived on Thursday. I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to use it, but you have to freeze the mixing bowl it comes with at least overnight. So I decided I would spend Saturday making ice cream.

I knew from the start that I wanted to make some version of Strawberry Coconut Milk ice cream. (If you want to know why, click here.) Yet it still took me 3 days of scouring the internet to figure out which recipe to make. Here are some things I learned about ice cream:

  • You can make ice cream with or without eggs. With eggs is called “Custard”  style; without eggs is called “Philadelphia” style.
  • Eggs act as an emulsifier…which basically means that it is the glue that holds everything together.
  • Eggs provide a very nice texture, and keep ice crystals from forming (gelatin can also be added to prevent ice crystals).
  • Ice cream that is made without eggs does not store well in the freezer and should be eaten right away.
  • If you use eggs, you need to cook the mixture on the stove.

At first I wasn’t going to use eggs, because I didn’t want to have to cook the recipe. But at the last minute I decided to use them. I wanted the ice cream to taste as delicious as possible, and since I was already sacrificing TWO traditional ingredients (coconut milk instead of cream, Truvia instead of sugar), I figured I should try to stay as close to normal in all other regards.

With that said, here is the recipe I made. When all was said and done I managed to split it into seven servings. Each one is a half-cup and only has 153 calories!! Half a cup is a decent amount of ice cream, and on a day where I am feeling particularly piggish I won’t feel guilty having a full cup, since that’s still only about 300 calories.

Ingredients (pretty sure this recipe is dairy free, gluten free, AND sugar free!)

1 can full fat coconut milk
2 eggs
2 Tbs vanilla extract (probably could have used less)
1 quart strawberries
2 Tbs Truvia
1/2 packet Knox gelatin

1. Put water in a small pot and bring to a boil.

2. Put coconut milk in a bowl and place the bowl on top of the pot, double boiler style. You want the milk to get hot, but not boil.

3. Add vanilla to the coconut milk. (Many recipes have you add the vanilla at the very end, when the mixture is no longer hot. I don’t know if it makes a difference.)

4. Whisk the eggs in a separate bowl. (Many recipes have you mix the sugar and the eggs at this point. However, I still wasn’t sure how much Truvia I’d be using, so I waited until the very end to add it.)

5. Once the coconut milk is hot, add a big spoonful of it to the eggs. The purpose is to slowly heat the eggs, so they get hot but don’t cook. It’s called “tempering.” (I learned so much while making ice cream!) Whisk, then add some more and whisk again. (I will probably skip this step next time. It seemed really unnecessary.)

6. Now take the bowl with the eggs and whisk it into the coconut milk. Whisk constantly, so the eggs don’t cook, until the mixture turns into a custard. Stop when it reaches 170 degrees. (I bought an instant cooking thermometer that day I went sightseeing with B, and I was finally able to use it!)

7. Once the custard is ready, take it off the pot and it on ice, so it doesn’t keep cooking. Once it cools down a little, put it in the fridge so it can cool down some more (I kept it in a bowl of ice to hurry things along).

8. Clean and blend the strawberries, then put them in the fridge as well.

9. After several hours had passed, I added the strawberries to the custard, then used beaters to mix it.It tasted sooo good.

Then I threw it in the freezer for 10 minutes so it would get extra cold. Once that was done, it was time for the ice cream maker to do it’s job! All you do is turn it on and pour in the mixture!

Or so I thought.

I think that my mistake was putting it in the freezer at the end. The mixture got too hard, so when I poured it in the ice cream maker it only churned for like 3 minutes, as opposed to the 20 minutes it was supposed to take.  When I looked in the ice cream maker, the thing was spinning, but the ice cream itself was not moving, and I didn’t think that was supposed to be the case. I ended up having to use my spatula to loosen it up, stirring it while the machine was going, for like 10 minutes. Once it was done I portioned it and put the individual servings in the freezer.

Except for one, of course. Mmmmmm! The ice cream tasted AMAZING. Creamy and sweet, the way ice cream is supposed to taste. It didn’t taste “diet” at all! So freaking happy!



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13 Responses to Strawberry coconut milk ice cream

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    Marry me….I’ll only come around as husband when you make ice cream.

  2. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    OK, I am helpless to ignore any ice cream recipe. I apologize up front. Thank you “notchangingmyname”.

  3. Shonnie says:

    sounds great. Where did you pick up your full fat coconut milk?

    • Stop and Shop, I think, but they have it in just about every supermarket in the city, fortunately for me! It was really good, next I’m going to try just plain coconut milk, no strawberries.

  4. I absolutely love icecream!! Owning one of these would probably be pretty dangerous for me, haha.

  5. Interesting recipe. As a Southern gal we’ve always used eggs in our ice cream but I’ve never cooked them into a custard. Might have to give your recipe a try.

    • Thanks! Your comment has me wondering whether cooking the eggs actually makes a difference in terms of the flavor and texture of the ice cream when it’s done. I might have to try it “Southern style” just to test it out.

  6. Megan says:

    I wonder how this recipe would turn out if you just used the thicker coconut cream that floats on top (but maybe two cans worth). I like really creamy ice cream.

  7. Kalina says:

    When do you add the gelatin? Bought it for the recipe but didn’t see when you added it. 🙂

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