Turning a crepe FAIL into a breakfast WIN

When I was looking up all those Nutella recipes on Mother’s Day weekend I kept coming across descriptions of Nutella crepes, which of course sound AMAZING. So all last week I had refrained from eating the remainder of my vegan Nutella, with the intention of making some type of almond flour crepes. I scoured the internet as I usually do and finally came across what I thought seemed like a good recipe. Uses almond flour? Check. No sugar? Check. That’s all that I was concerned with.

Even though I grew up eating Hungarian crepes on a regular basis (no wonder I was chubby!), I’ve never actually made a crepe before. So I had no way of knowing that a ratio of 5 eggs to only 1/2 a cup of flour was wayyy off base. (I now know that it should be 2 eggs to a cup of flour. And some milk.)

I ended up with scrambled eggs in the shape of a crepe.

I put the Nutella in one of the crepes, and it was…delicious, of course, because of the Nutella, which was awesome. But the ones that I put apricot jelly or cinnamon and truvia? Not so much.

So last night I had the brilliant idea of eating the remaining scrambled crepes – gasp – for breakfast! I’m a genius! Haha. I cooked up a few slices of turkey bacon and put them in the tupperware along with two wedges of Laughing Cow garlic and herb cheese spread. This morning at work I heated up the “crepe” and the bacon, spread the cheese over the crepes, and then wrapped up the bacon.

YUMMY! Just like bacon, egg and cheese on a roll…but not. But still pretty good.


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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