The Dirty Hippie

Once I finish writing this post I will be totally up to date on my OkCupid dates. This date took place three weeks ago.


A few days after my date with the Comedian, I received the following message:

Him: You are gorgeous…saw you were a visitor…what’s up? I’m Chris.

I had indeed visited Chris’ profile, and he was pretty cute in the four pictures he had posted. He kind of reminded me of Johnny Depp, with the long hair, glasses, hat, etc. He seemed kind of hipster-ish. But his profile was EMPTY! The only thing I learned about him from his profile was his age (33), that he speaks English, and that he never does drugs.

Like I said in my post about my date with Cali Guy, at this point my ego was still a little bruised after being rejected by the Comedian, so despite the fact that Chris’ profile was empty and he might only be 5’4, I decided to engage.

Me: Thank you Chris. I’m Rory.

Two days later (while I was on my date with Cali Guy, actually) he replied:

Him: Just saw ur reply…Im def interested in you. Im really not super into messaging back and forth. The true test of chemistry is in person whether its a friendship or something more. I would love to meet up with u for drinks. We could meet with friends or solo. Sorry for cutting to the chase but ive wasted a lot of time on these sites. Cheers. 718-xxx-xxxx…text me if u would like. 🙂

I never replied, so on the following Monday he messaged me again:

Him: Hello Rory. Hope u had a great weekend. I want to meet that pretty face and see what ur all about.

After my successful date with Cali Guy, I had decided that I should try to go on an OkCupid date once a week during the summer. Why not? Even if I didn’t make a love connection, I’d still have good blog material.

Me: I did have a great weekend, actually, thanks. And yes, I’m down to meet up for a drink. I don’t like to waste a lot of time messaging either. It sucks when you get to like someone over text, but then when you meet in person there’s no chemistry. My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

That was on a Monday. Over the next few days we texted back and forth. I learned that he’s a hair stylist, he deejays for fun, and he’s 6’3! (Um hello, why would you not put that selling point on your profile!?) We initially made plans to meet up on Saturday night, but on Friday afternoon I texted him and told him we should meet up that night, if he was available.

The thing was, we had been texting all week, and I WAS starting to get to like him over text, to the point that on Friday morning at around 11 I was like “Sigh, I hope he texts me soon.” Having feelings for a guy I’ve never met – that’s exactly what I wanted to avoid! Particularly after my experience with Joey. I just did NOT want to wait a whole nother 24 hours to see if I liked him or not.

Plus I looked cute that day, and I didn’t want it to go to waste. 🙂

Fortunately Chris was able to meet up with me that night. UNFORTUNATELY, it was not a love match. He met me at the bar I was at with friends. I knew from first glance that it wasn’t going to work out. He just wasn’t my type. And he really didn’t look like his pictures, in my opinion. He was less hipster and more grunge hippie, with his t-shirt and shorts and converse sneakers, and his long hair pulled into a pony tail.

We walked to another bar and got a beer. The conversation was…interesting. What did I learn about The Dirty Hippie, you ask? Among other things, that he likes going to festivals such as Burning Man, and that last month he made a connection when he was at The Movement and now he gets the most pure ecstasy pills he’s ever had in his life. Which he had taken the night before.

So much for “Never” doing drugs.

The only other “noteworthy” thing that happened was this: at one point my head was turned away from him. I might have been looking at the t.v. or something. When I turned back to look at him he was smoking one of those electronic cigarettes! It was kind of weird, I guess, but as an occasional smoker who has heard about but never seen an electronic cigarette, I was definitely interested. He let me try it. It wasn’t that bad.

After about 45 minutes, when we were nearly finished with our beers, he said “So I think I’m good with just one drink. You seem nice and cool, but I don’t think this is a love connection, you know?” I let out a huge sigh of relief and, with a kool-aid smile on my face, said “Yeah, I TOTALLY agree!” He laughed and said “Well if you ever need a hair cut, let me know!” He went and paid for the drinks, which was nice of him, then walked me to my train station. I gave him a kiss on the cheek goodnight, and we went our separate ways.

When I think about it, it was really kind of ballsy for him to say that. What if I HAD been feeling a love connection? I don’t think I could say that straight to a guy’s face, because I wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings. But maybe it was obvious to him that I wasn’t interested, who knows.


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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5 Responses to The Dirty Hippie

  1. Reading your blogs are just like reading a short story… I was so into this post… As well as the other one about Cali Guy! Unfortunately, I missed the post about the commedian. I’ll have to go back and revisit. Hopefully, I am not mixing them up. 🙂


  2. Jeni Johnson says:

    Glad you took the chance…would you prefer to text a bit more before meeting up or after this experience with Hippy Guy, just cut right through the case and meet up?

    • Hmmm, there are so many positives and negatives to either one! Overall, I guess I’d prefer to cut to the chase. Because even if I had texted with the Hippie for a few more days, I doubt that his ECSTASY USE would have come up, you know? Lol

      • Jeni Johnson says:

        Hahaha, yeah, In fact i was really surprised that he had even disclosed that on the 1st date. Now if he offered you one then that would of really made some date night! :0

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