The eagle has landed

I’m writing this post while I’m on my flight to Seattle! I didn’t think it was going to happen, but it did. For a second I had almost changed my mind and decided not to go, but fortunately Vera’s brother shamed me into going.

There were two things that were making me think I should just stay home. The first was the uncertainty of flying standby. The flight was nearly full, and after Vera’s brother explained to me about seat availability and priority and the very real possibility that I could get bumped off the flight, I was CONVINCED that I would not get on the 9am flight. The next flight didn’t leave until 5pm, and I didn’t want to spend one of my precious vacation days waiting in the airport.

The second thing was that over the past week I have developed a cold. And of course when I woke up yesterday it was the worst it has been so far. Sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, etc. On its own a cold would not be enough to keep me from going on vacation, but that combined with the standby thing had me not wanting to go.

However, I think the real reason that I was feeling so anxious over the whole thing was that I was pms-ing. It just had me in a cranky mood. As always. (I ended up getting my period yesterday afternoon, so as I’m sitting here on the plane I am dealing with major cramps.)

So I waffled back and forth a little bit. But then Vera’s brother bullied me into going. He called me lame, a punk, and a diva for not wanting to fly because of a cold. Then Vera piled on, telling me not to be a baby and to take some nyquil. By the time they were done I felt silly for even bringing it up! Lol. He sent me the funniest text last night:

Does wittle Wawi still have the sniffle wiffles?

(Wawi = Rory, in case you weren’t sure.)

I had a late night last night. It was Alyssa’s birthday (one of my work besties), and her mom invited us over to their place for dinner. It was awesome and I’m happy I went, but she lives in Brooklyn, about a half hour away. I left her house at 10. Then I had to stop at Jeffrey’s and pick up some money….then I had to drop my friend home…then I had to stop at Duane Reade to buy tampons…then I had to make ice cream…then I had to pack. By the time I got into bed it was after 1.


I started writing this post after the flight took off. We just landed! Woohoo! I’ve spent the last five hours watching a “Real Housewives of Miami” marathon (my first time ever watching any of the “Housewives” shows – definitely my kind of show lol) and writing during the commercials. I love flying Jet Blue.

Okay, that’s all for now!


About notchangingmyname

I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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2 Responses to The eagle has landed

  1. benja1974 says:

    Have a great time! and don’t forget your readers… 🙂

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