Yesterday was D Day…

Diet day, that is.

Yesterday was my first time weighing myself in almost a month. I’m back up to…ugh, I don’t even want to say it! I’m in the 140s again. I think I’ll wait until next week to reveal the number, since by then I’ll be down a few pounds and I won’t feel as embarrassed by it as I do now.

I wasn’t surprised when I saw the number on the scale. I didn’t diet at all while I was on vacation, and in the weeks leading up to it I wasn’t very strict. And since I knew that I would be spending the next three weeks on a hardcore diet, on Monday night I decided to stuff my fat face with Chinese food for dinner. I got a pork lomien combination dinner and an order of fried dumplings. And I ate all of it. (I had to eat it all – I didn’t want to have any leftovers in the fridge to tempt me!)

So yeah, yesterday morning probably wasn’t the best time for me to weigh myself, what with all that chinese food still sitting in my belly, but I needed yesterday to be the *official* start of my diet, and it’s not official without a weigh in. Why the sense of urgency? Well, in exactly three weeks from yesterday it will be Day 1 of my upcoming vacation! I want to get down to 135 for that. So for the next three weeks I am going back on the HCG maintenance phase and will be cutting out carbs completely. Should be fun. NOT!

I had been doing good for awhile. I managed to get back down to 137. But then I started saying to myself, “Summer is almost over. You need to enjoy it.” Which somehow translated into me going to an outdoor creperie with my friend on multiple occasions and eating crepes filled with Nutella and topped with whipped cream and ice cream. Yolo, right?

My problem is that I don’t seem to have a middle ground. If I’m not super strict with my diet then it seems to be inevitable that I will slide back into my unhealthy eating habits. Even with the banana nut muffins I’ve been making – yeah, they’re sugar free, but I end up eating three of them at a time! My New Year’s resolution for next year is to keep the weight off consistently, as opposed to losing and gaining the same 10 pounds over and over again.

But that’s long-term. Right now I’m focused on the short term, which is about 10 pounds in the next three weeks. Totally doable IF I stick to my diet. Which I will, because I’m determined, and when I’m determined like this nothing can stop me. If only I could maintain this focus on a consistent basis, I’d be golden.


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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6 Responses to Yesterday was D Day…

  1. ellyvegas1 says:

    I know exactly how you feel… When I’m determined I do really well, eat pretty good and workout like crazy but if I slack for a few days, it’s all downhill from there! My ideal weight is 123 and I’m now about 133 ugh… I need to go on a diet soon before I gain any more weight lol! Your upcoming trip sounds exciting and it’s definitely an awesome reason to stay motivated.Good luck on your diet!

  2. singlegirlwisdom says:

    Goodness. I am the same way. I have no self control when it comes to yummy, unhealthy food. (Which is why I hardly have ANY at my apartment…). You can do it!

    • Lol It’s ridiculous how I can’t stop myself…last night I polished off the box of raisins that I had in my cupboard. Even though raisins aren’t that bad, they were the unhealthiest thing I had in my apartment, so OF COURSE I was drawn to them! But now they’re gone, so all I have left to eat when I get home is healthy food.

  3. allthewaydoc says:

    the scale is an evil step mother that never gives you any encouragement and does all it can to make you feel miserable. I havent stepped on the scale for weeks because I have been a complete pig more often than not. I figure if I dont get on it, it doesnt exist 🙂 makes life funner!

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