Paris Day 2 – More Sightseeing; Dickhead Waiter; Lost in the Rain

Our plan for our second day in Paris was to wake up at 8:45 so we could be on our way to Versailles by 9:30. That didn’t happen. We didn’t wake up until 10:30, and then we decided to stop at a cafe we had passed the night before so we could get some croissants and cafe au lait. By the time we caught the train to Versailles it was almost 1pm. Whoops! But we didn’t care. No need to stick to a timetable when you’re on a vacation, right? Right. Plus we had *really* needed those extra hours of sleep.

Versailles was incredible. It left me speechless so many times. Not just the beauty, but the immense proportions of it all. Insane. We were pretty lucky with the weather. When we first got to the palace it was pouring, but after a few hours the sky cleared up and the sun actually came out. A beautiful 68 degree and sunny afternoon in the gardens of Versailles. It doesn’t get much better than that.

From Versailles we headed to Notre Dame cathedral. Again, there’s not much more that I can say other than that the opulence and beauty of it all left me feeling quite poor and insignificant in the scheme of life.

After Notre Dame we walked a few blocks over to the Latin Quarter, then down some main street and over to a shopping district. We were content to just keeping walking around the neighborhood, but then it started pouring. We went to this restaurant that had outdoor seating under an awning with heat lamps. The waiter showed me to a table while Di went to the bathroom.

This waiter ended up being such a dick! So what happened was this: while Di was in the bathroom I was playing with my phone, seeing if I could jump on to any wifi networks. I couldn’t. Then the waiter, who spoke hardly any English, came over and started saying something about “wee-fee” (wi-fi with a stupid french accent lol). He handed me a card with a password on it, which had me thinking that the restaurant offered wi-fi to its customers, just like my hotel and the Starbucks we had gone to the day before. “Yes thank you!” I said, very happy to be able to sign on and…upload photos to instagram. Lol I’m such a loser.

Anyway, Di came out and we looked at the menu. We had no intention of eating, but we wanted to have some wine. We decided to get a bottle. The waiter came over to take our order, and Di pointed to what we wanted. He said, “And for food?” We’re like “No, we’re not going to eat.”

He started freaking out! He pointed to the table and said, “Table, eat!” Then he jabbed at the placemat on our table and said again: “Table, food, eat!”

Mind you, out of the 30 tables that were there, more than 20 of them were empty! So it’s not like we were preventing anyone from sitting down and having a meal. And as I looked around I saw that there were people who definitely were NOT eating, just drinking.

“What is he talking about?” Di said to me.

“I think he’s saying that if we want to sit out here we have to order food.” I said.

“Well, I’m not hungry,” Di said.

I wasn’t either, so at that point we just turned to the waiter and said “No, we’re NOT eating.” We got up and gathered our things to leave, and then he said something about the “wee-fee.” I gave him a blank look and said “What about it?” He grabbed the card and said it again: “Wee-fee.” At that point I realized that he wanted me to pay for the wi-fi access card he had given me. FUCK THAT! I smiled and said “Oh yes, thank you” and continued to button my coat. He just rolled his eyes and turned away, and then Di and I ran across the street to the Gap.

I’m so glad I took a picture of the menu. Now I know where to tell people they SHOULDN’T go:

After a few minutes of deliberating we decided to head back to the Latin Quarter, which we had wandered through before and which was at most 5 blocks away. But somehow we got lost. In the rain. Without umbrellas. It was comical, actually, us standing there with our phones out, one of looking at the Trip Advisor map while the other one was looking at the iPhone compass. “Okay, south is this way.” Ridiculous. We were literally going in circles. “Oh, there’s that movie theater again.” This amazing chocolate rhino was in the front display of a store that we stood in front of for at least 20 minutes as we tried to figure out where the hell we were:

After about an hour of wandering around lost, we FINALLY made our way back to the Latin Quarter. We went into a cute little restaurant, where we dried off and warmed up while eating fondue and drinking wine. The fondue was meh, but the wine was good. After that we bought some pastries and then went to another outdoor cafe, where we ate the pastries and drank some Irish coffee.


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3 Responses to Paris Day 2 – More Sightseeing; Dickhead Waiter; Lost in the Rain

  1. Notchangingmyname this is a great post. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I’m notchangingmyopinion about it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. MayDay says:

    Wow what a dick. Still, I’m envious of all the French pastries..

  3. Tony Bird says:

    The only thing missing from your pics are some swashbuckling Musketeers. 🙂

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