Paris Day 3 – Montmarte, the Louvre, “Clubbing”

The plan for Friday was simple – first the Louvre, then Montmarte, which is a cute little area that has an amazing view of the city, and then back to the hotel so we could get ready to go out that night. We weren’t sure where we were going, but “partying in Paris” was definitely on our To-Do List for Paris.

When we woke up and saw that the weather was nice, we decided to head to Montmarte first, since the Louvre is an indoor activity and in Paris it seems to rain at the drop of a hat. So that’s what we did. We had an amazing meal in Montmarte, which we are still reminiscing over a week later, and then walked around a bit. The weather was amazing.

After that we went to the Louvre. We made it about two thirds of the way through. There is just so much beauty in there, it is ridiculous. When it comes to art, I really love carvings, engravings, and statues (as opposed to paintings, that is). But of course I had to stop to see the Mona Lisa. I was surprised by how small it is, especially compared to some of the other paintings I saw (one painting was 600 square FEET – bigger than my apartment!).

By 6pm we were tired as hell and had had enough of the Louvre. We went to get some dinner and then went back to our hotel to get ready to go out. After googling random variations of “Best dance clubs in Paris” nearly a dozen times, we decided to go to this place called “La Locomotive.”

I’m not sure what happened. Di had the address as 92 Boulevard de Clichy, but when we got there we found O’Sullivan’s pub. There was a lot of construction going on, and I guess we assumed that La Loco had been replaced by O’Sullivan’s. But as I was writing this post I decided to google La Loco and I discovered that the address was actually 90 Boulevard de Clichy. Then I went to the Google Street View and saw that La Loco was right next door to O’Sullivan’s. So I guess we just went to the wrong place. Duh.

Whatever, it didn’t matter. From outside we could hear the music in O’Sullivan’s, and it was our kind of music (booty-shaking American hip hop, dance, and Top 40 stuff – very little Euro techno crap). So we stayed. We had a pretty good time. Or I did, anyway. I ended up making out with some guy whose name I can’t remember. Z something. He was cute and he could dance, which is all a girl can really ask for when looking to make out with someone in Paris. Which I was. 😉


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