Two Days in Amsterdam – Part One

There’s really only one word to describe my time in Amsterdam: Shitshow.

The day started out normal enough. On Saturday morning we woke up a little later than we had planned because of our night out the night before, so instead of getting breakfast and then coming back to our hotel for our bags, we got ready in a hurry and then left so we could catch our 12:15pm train from Paris to Amsterdam.

The four-hour train ride went smoothly. I was finally able to spend a little time writing for the blog. Once we got to Amsterdam we hopped on a tram that dropped us of a block away from our hotel. Our hotel was in the Leidseplein area, which is really lively area. I would definitely stay there again.

Because we only had two days to spend in Amsterdam, we wanted to make sure that we were doing something at all times, never wasting a moment. After dropping our bags in the room we immediately went in search of this place we saw on Trip Advisor that holds wine and cheese tastings. We intended to book an appointment for the following day.

That never happened. We got sooo lost! Apparently the streets in Amsterdam are horseshoe-shaped, so if you keep walking in a straight line will get you lost. We walked around for at least two hours, never finding the wine and cheese place. By the time we got back to our room it was around 8pm. We got dressed and then headed to a strip of bars that was located less than a block from our hotel.

The truth is, all Di and I need is some Top 40 and Hip Hop to dance to and we’re good to go, and it seemed like that’s what all of the places in that little strip were playing. We popped into all of them, but ended up spending the night at the first bar we went into. We started off with vodka and club soda – which, and I can’t understand why, they serve separately in Europe. Like, if you order a vodka club, they give you a vodka on the rocks and a bottle of club soda. I guess it worked to our benefit, because after we got that first bottle of club soda we just kept ordering vodka, which was only $5 a glass. I mean, 5 euros.

One drink turned into four or five. At one point a group of about 10 german guys started talking to us, and we spent most of the night “talking” to them (talking in quotes because they barely spoke English), dancing with them and each other.

Since we were sitting at the bar for ages, eventually the bartenders started giving us free shots. I don’t know what they were, maybe Yager. It didn’t take too long for the shots to hit me. All of the sudden it was like “I need to get the fuck out of here. Now.” It didn’t help that I had been smoking one of the German guy’s cigarettes all night. Di was also ready to leave, so after exchanging Facebook information with one of the bartenders I had been flirting with all night (who turned out to be only 20 years old!), we headed back to our room.

Which we didn’t end up leaving our room until 4 pm the next day. I’ll avoid all the gross details, but like I said before, it was a shitshow. So. Much. Puke. Hahaha.


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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2 Responses to Two Days in Amsterdam – Part One

  1. MayDay says:

    Despite the puke, that sounds amazing. Exactly what Amsterdam should be lol

  2. Tony Bird says:

    The streets in Japan are the same way. If I hadn’t figured out my way around Okinawa, I would get lost all the time, and I know never to trust my sense of direction. I found the same thing is true in Tokyo when I thought I would see Shibuya by walking up the street on one side and coming back the other. I got crazy lost, but finally managed to get back to the train station.

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