Two Days in Amsterdam – Part Two

The first thing we did when we left the room on Sunday evening was get food. After being sick all day I was RAVENOUS! I went with my favorite hangover meal – soup and ginger ale (it’s actually matzoh ball soup and ginger ale, but of course they didn’t have that, so I settled for tomato soup). It was amahzing.

We were kind of disappointed with ourselves for basically spending almost half our time in Amsterdam in our hotel room, but since we had done SOOO much sightseeing in Paris we forgave ourselves. Besides, there was really only one touristy thing that we wanted to do while in Amsterdam: visit the Red Light District. So that’s where we headed after we were done with our meal.

We were NOT impressed. Maybe it was because it was a Sunday and it was only 8pm and it was drizzling, but there were like NO hookers in any of the windows! We’d see the red windows and walk over to them, only to find them empty. Eventually we did see some that weren’t empty. The girls were all really pretty and had fake boobs. Whoop-de-doo. Most of the people we saw there were tourists like us just looking to catch a glimpse of a hooker, but there were all some patrons that we saw entering the places. Quite skeevy.

After the red light district we stopped back at our hotel to drop off the souvenirs we had bought, then headed back out for a real dinner. I have to say, the Trip Advisor app is the shit. We went to ths restaurant that was about a five minute walk from our hotel. I had some type of a pot pie thing. It was HUGE, and I ate every last bite.

You would think that after being sick all day I would want nothing more to do with drinking or partying that night, right? Wrong. I was on vacation people!

After dinner our plan was to find one of those cafes where you can smoke weed. We weren’t going to smoke – just the thought of it made our stomachs hurt – but we wanted to at least check one out. After all, besides the red light district, that’s what you do when you come to Amsterdam. But as we were walking back to the Leidseplein, we passed a bar that was playing really good music. So we decided to pop in.

The bar was surprisingly crowded for a Sunday night. There was a little dance area as soon as you came in that wasn’t too crowded, so that’s where we set up shop. We were bopping away when this really cute guy came over and started talking to us. His name was Matt. He was from Australia and was halfway through his two-month European holiday.

Our getting-to-know-you conversation was interrupted by a girl in the bar shouting: “Excuse me everyone, if you’re here with the pub crawl we’re moving on to the next bar, so everyone outside!”

“Are you guys here with the pub crawl?” Matt asked me.

“Um, no,” I replied.

“Well you should come along with us!” he said.

“Hmm, I don’t know,” I said.

“Yeah, you should definitely come. If you don’t, you guys are going to be the only people left in the bar!”

He had a point there! We decided to tag along with the pub crawl. This proved to be a good decision, just because we got to go to a bunch of different bars that were all playing good music. We even went to a Spanish place, and I got to dance a little salsa!

I did end up making out with the Aussie. I was really happy about that, because I had a halfway serious goal of making out with someone in each of the cities we visited, and now that dream could continue. Plus, like I said, he was really cute. And he was ripped! But he was really little though, like 5’5 max. Di commented to me afterwards that when he and I were dancing she couldn’t stop noticing that my feet were bigger than his! Lol whatever, who cares. Making out is always fun.

Oh, did I mention he was 23? Lol. What can I say?

After the third bar with the pub crawl Di and I decided to call it a night. Matt walked us back to our hotel, we made out a little bit more and exchanged Facebook info, and then we said goodbye.


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  1. Sounds like you’re having a blast!

    – K.

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