Food, liquor, making out – what else is new?

Last Saturday I had two parties to go to:

  • Party #1 – Remember Eve, who Di and I became “besties” with on Memorial Day weekend and who we hung out with a lot this summer? Well, this weekend was Eve’s birthday, and she was celebrating at a Karaoke bar just around the corner from Di’s place. We figured this party would be kind of lame, because of the Kareoke factor and because in general Eve likes to hang out at these really mellowwww places, so we planned to show face and then head to Party #2.
  • Party #2 – It was Di’s friend’s 30th birthday, and she had rented out a space and hired a DJ at this place right across the street from Di’s house. We knew that at the very least, the music would be good, which (as you already know if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time) is ALL that my friends and I need in order to have a good time. Dance party of three, anyone?

So on Saturday evening, after getting in a vicious fight with my mom over the stupidest thing ever (gas – thanks Hurricane Sandy), I headed into the city with the attitude “Oh my God I need a drink so bad!” When I got to Di’s we opened a bottle of wine. When our other friend got there we went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner, and then back to Di’s for more wine.

Between the food coma I was in and all the wine, I was ready to go to sleep at that point. But that wasn’t an option, so after about a half hour of sitting in Di’s apartment groaning about how full we were, we forced ourselves to get up and go meet up with Eve, her boyfriend, HBG, and the rest of her friends.

Do you remember HBG (Hot Black Guy)? He was there that Memorial Day weekend hanging out with Eve, and he is the one who inspired me to try “The Move.” I don’t think I ever wrote about it, but he and I finally made out, back in September.

Really quick, the HBG story:

When I first met HBG back in May I thought he was sooo cute. But it turned out that he had a girlfriend that he was madly in love with (if you saw the collage of pictures of them that made up his Facebook cover photo you would want to vomit), so I relegated him to the friend zone. No big deal, I was just happy that we’d made new friends.

As we continued to hang out over the summer I could tell that he liked me, though. After all, he had responded when I tried the Move on him. But he never tried anything on me, and I really respected him for not cheating on his girlfriend, despite the fact that they were having problems and she lives all the way in Germany, where he is from.

Then in September his girlfriend broke up with him. We hung out not long after, and at the end of the night we made out. It was nice, but I wasn’t that into it, because I wasn’t that attracted to him anymore. How could I not be attracted to one of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen? Well, I think the fact that he never tried anything on me made me lose whatever attraction I had to him. I like guys who are somewhat aggressive, so him never trying anything when he clearly wanted to was a turn-off.

Also, he has got to be one of the sappiest most romantic guys I’ve ever met. He’s always posting these ridiculously romantic things on Instagram. For example, he posted a photo of the words “I Love You,” which he BUILT out of LEGOS, and then he hashtagged it #love #forever #soulmate #distance  #youandme #missingyou. GAG. He’s probably a great boyfriend to have, but viewing it from the outside as I am, it seems, it don’t know, not masculine at all. Turn off.

We’ve been texting fairly regularly since our makeout sesh, but every time he tries to get flirty I reel it back to the friendship zone. Until Saturday night that is, when I looked around and saw that everyone was making out with someone but me! What the hell!?

Eve’s kareoke thing was as lame as we had thought it would be, so sometime after midnight we made our way to Party #2, which was literally just around the corner. HBG was fake mad at me for leaving him there, so at some point he left Eve’s party and came to join us at Party #2. When Party #2 was over we migrated to this other place right next door.

Then HBG and I went back to the Kareoke place to make Eve and the rest of them come over to where we were. We were only gone for 20 minutes, but when I came back I found both of my friends canoodling with some guys! I was like: What. The. Fuck! I remember thinking, “I can’t be the only one not to make out tonight.” (I was really drunk at this point, by the way.) So when I found myself in a mini staring contest with HBG a short time later, I was like “fuck it” and went in for the kiss.

It was very nice, and there was definitely more sexual chemistry this time as compared to before. But I’m not going to take it any further with him. Aside from the fact that he’s only 25, he is also moving back to Germany in 2 weeks! When I found out he was moving it made me sad, because he is such a nice guy and I’ll be sad to lose him. But I was also kind of relieved, because now when I hang out with Eve, HBG won’t be there to cockblock.

So yeah, that was my Saturday. I didn’t get home until after 5 in the morning. I love those nights!


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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