The Bouncer – part 2

(Read Part 1 here)

The next time I saw the Bouncer was the day before Thanksgiving. I got out of work early that day, and in keeping with our usual custom of pre-holiday drinking, my coworkers and I headed to a nearby bar for happy hour. We stayed there for a few hours, but by 9 pm the place had substantially emptied out. Time to go to the next spot. But where?

To my favorite bar in all of NYC, of course. I will be honest and admit that I had misgivings about going there and bumping into the Bouncer, but I was buzzed at that point and decided that I wasn’t going to let a stupid bouncer stop me from having fun. Besides, it was a Wednesday, so he might not even be working.

But he was. My friends got there before I did, and one of them texted me to let me know he was working the door. I mentally prepared myself for the encounter, but when I arrived a few minutes later he was nowhere to be seen. That was a relief. I headed into the bar and joined my friends in a corner of the room.

We stayed there until around 1 am. In those 4 hours I only saw the Bouncer 3 times. The first and second times I just happened to look up and notice him walking by, but he was kind of far away and he didn’t see me. The third time was when I was leaving. By that time he was back working at the front door, so I HAD to pass right by him to get to the street. As I walked by I gave a huge kool-aid smile and said goodnight in a ridiculously over-enthusiastic voice. Then I made a bee-line for a cab.

His response to my goodnight? Nothing! He didn’t acknowledge me or even seem to recognize me, which was insulting but a relief at the same time. At least now I knew I could handle going back to my favorite bar regardless of whether he was there.

Which is why, when I found out that my friend B would be coming up from New Orleans, I knew instantly that we would take him out to my favorite bar in New York City. Bouncer be damned.

To be continued.


About notchangingmyname

I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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