The Bouncer – part 4

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Even though I was “so over” the Bouncer by the time we took B to my favorite bar (after all, it had been more than a month since I’d given him my number), I have to admit that he was in the forefront of my thoughts as I was getting ready that night. I can’t really explain how, but I just knew that he and I were going to end up talking.

Our night started at this Irish pub in midtown. It was pretty lame, but B’s firefighter friends were all there, so we didn’t want to be like “Okay, this sucks, let’s go.” So we stayed awhile. While we were there this other guy started talking to us. His name was Emir, and he was really cute. He was from London and was in NY by himself for work. When we finally left to go to my favorite bar, we invited him to come with us.

I spotted the Bouncer as soon as we went up to the second floor, but I studiously avoided looking at him. We headed over to the bar to get some drinks, and then, after a few minutes, decided to go up to the rooftop.

One thing I had forgotten is that when you want to bring your drink from the second floor to the rooftop, they make you pour it into a plastic cup. On that night, “they” meant the Bouncer. So not only did I have to pass right by him in order to get to the rooftop, I had to interact with him and give him my cup! Deep breath, no big deal.

And it wasn’t a big deal. As I was standing there about to hand him my drink, some guy pushed by me to get upstairs. The Bouncer shook his head and said something like “God, some people have no manners at all.” I smiled and said “I know, right?” That was it. At that point I couldn’t tell if he recognized me.

We stayed on the rooftop for a while, then eventually made our way back down to the second floor, where we danced and drank for the next hour or so. By 3:30 our group had dwindled down to three – me, Emir, and one of my girlfriends. I was dancing and making out with Emir (out of view of the Bouncer, I think), and my friend was dancing with some guy. I hadn’t really been paying attention to her, but at one point I looked over and saw that she was beyond white-girl wasted, which meant it was time to call it a night. So I went to get her.

She told me she had to go to the bathroom, so I left Emir with our things and took her there. By that time it was so late that there was already a worker in there cleaning! She went in the stall and started puking. After a minute or two of waiting I decided that I would get our stuff, say goodnight to Emir, and then come back to get her.

I was actually really glad that I had to take care of her that night. I knew that Emir was going to try to convince me to go back to his hotel room, and I had zero interest in doing that. I wasn’t even turned on when I was making out with him! Quite the opposite, actually. I wouldn’t have left with him no matter what, but my friend’s drunkenness provided me with a tidy excuse to turn him down.

When I came out I told Emir, “You can go, I’ve got to get her home.” He was like, “What?? Are you sure?” I said, “Yeah, I’m sure.” I had made eye contact with the Bouncer as I was going back and forth from the bathroom, so while Emir and I were having our conversation, the Bouncer sort of migrated over to where we were. He was close enough to hear what we were saying.

When I went to gather our jackets and bags, I couldn’t find my bag anywhere! I started panicking. All of the sudden the Bouncer was right next to me. “You lost your bag?? I’ll help you look.” It ended up being on the floor under the table. When he handed it to me I was like “Oh my god I was freaking out! Thanks so much!!”

So I’m all smiling and staring at him, and he’s all smiling and staring back, but there was no pretext for me to stay there and continue talking. And besides, Emir was standing right next to me. What a cockblock! Haha. As I started walking back to the bathroom I said to Emir, “You can go. I have to deal with this.” He was like “You guys can come to my hotel room if you want.” I declined.

Then he just kinda stood there looking at me, not saying anything. After a full 30 seconds of silence I said, “Do you wanna exchange numbers or something?” He shook his head no, so I said, “Okay then. Well, it was nice meeting you. Get home safe.” Then I turned and walked away…

To be continued? Concluded? This story is a lot longer than I thought it would be. But trust me, the next part is the best part!


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4 Responses to The Bouncer – part 4

  1. emarie24 says:

    HURRY UP! I’m too impatient for these long stories! I just want it all in one post!

  2. Agreed! I want to know where this story is going because I feel it’s about to get reallllllly good

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