The Bouncer – part 5

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As I was walking back to the bathroom I saw that my friend had already come out and was standing by the stairs. I handed her her bag and coat, and after a quick rummage through her purse she said, “I can’t find my phone.” Sigh. While she looked for it in the area around the bathroom, I took all of our things and went back to where we had been sitting so I could look around and sort through our bags and coats one by one.

While I was sitting down the Bouncer came over to me and said, “Hey, I’m here for you if you need me to run interference on that guy,” talking about Emir. I looked around and saw that Emir had left, so I said, “I’ll be okay, I think he’s gone now.” He said, “Yeah, I bet he’s waiting for you outside. It didn’t seem like he was gonna give up!” I just smiled and laughed.

Then I nodded towards my friend and said, “She lost her phone. Can you help me look for it?” As I was sitting on the couch going through our purses, he was making small talk and looking under the tables. I honestly don’t remember what he was saying, because I wasn’t listening. I had decided that I needed to call him out.

I interrupted him and said, “You know, I gave you my phone number last month and you never called me. I mean, it’s fine, you didn’t call, whatever, but I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like that never happened!” I wasn’t being bitchy or anything, just matter of fact.

He started laughing and said, “I remember.” I stood up and kind of got in his face and said, “Oh do you?” He said, “Yes, of course I remember that night. I even remember your name. It’s Rory, right?” I shook my head yes. He continued, “I remember everything about that night. I was watching you for like two hours before I finally approached you.” I said, “I know. That’s why I couldn’t believe that you didn’t call me!”

Honestly, I was really really REALLY surprised that he had remembered my name. It completely took the wind out of my sails in terms of trying to pretend that I still wasn’t interested in him. I said, “I can’t believe you just remembered my name! That was so long ago!” He said, “Do you remember MY name?” I said, “Yes, it’s XXX.” He made this face like he was impressed that I had remembered it, so I said, “Actually…I know who you are. I recognized you that night.” I told him the story about how I had thought he looked familiar, and then I’d finally figured out who he was and googled him in the cab. Now HE was the one with the surprised look on his face.

Then I said,”So what happened? I was waiting for you to call me.” “You were?” he asked. I said, “Yes. I was.” He said, “Well, since you googled me – I can’t believe that you googled me – then you already know what I’m dealing with right now, right?” I said yes. He proceeded to tell me that because of his current situation he’s had to pay a lot of money towards lawyer’s bills and fines and whatnot, and he’s broke right now and so his phone is turned off.

I took a moment to process that and then said, “Okay, but you could have called me from another phone.” He said, “Where was I gonna call you from, a pay phone? The bar? And say what, ‘Oh hey, it’s the bouncer from the other night, and by the way, I’m calling you from the bar because I don’t have a phone?'” I was like, “Okay, fair enough.” He started saying some other stuff about losing his job and having to start his life over again, but I cut him short. I said, “That’s enough. You can tell me all of this when you take me out.”

He said, “I still have your number in my car. But I want you to take mine too. I should have my phone back at the end of the week.” As he was putting his number in my phone he said, “You know, I even remember what you were wearing that night.” I was like, “Yeah right.” He’s said, “I do! You were wearing a black skirt, tights, and black boots almost like the ones you’re wearing now.” Swoon!!

While we were talking, one of the workers found my friend’s phone. As I was wrapping up the conversation with the Bouncer, she told me that she was going to wait for me outside. I put on my coat and started to go downstairs. The Bouncer said he’d walk me out. While we were on the stairs he must have said “Can I get a goodbye kiss?” or something, because I ended up kissing him. On the cheek.

Then we went outside, and my friend was nowhere to be found. I knew where she must have gone, but I texted her anyway, telling her to let me know she was okay. Then I turned to the Bouncer to say goodnight. He gave me a hug, and then pulled me into the entryway of the building next to the bar, where we kissed for a minute or two.

It was nice. REALLY nice. I mean, when I had been making out with Emir (less than an hour before – yikes!) I wasn’t turned on by it AT ALL. I was just kissing him for the sake of making out with someone. But with the Bouncer, I was definitely feeling it. Lord have mercy, was I feeling it! Haha.

We left things sort of vague. He said he would call me, but considering he didn’t have a phone, I had no idea when that would actually be. But when I got home I saw that I had a missed call. It was the Bouncer. He’d left me a voicemail: “See, I told you I’d call. I’m calling you from the bar, haha. And I told you I still had your number. It was really nice to see you tonight.”

So yeah. That was a good night. 🙂

To be concluded…


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2 Responses to The Bouncer – part 5

  1. This story is getting soooo good! Is there any more or is it, “to be concluded….” for a later date in time??

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