Injured in a dog fight

(Warning: some gross pictures below.)

Last week was a particularly bad week for me. My ex-husband went to L.A. for the week and asked me if I would dog sit for him. He has two dogs, an Olde English Bulldog named Calvin and a Pitbull named Mr. Snuggles. I wasn’t thrilled to be doing it, since it involved sleeping at his house and I just wanted to be home, but he didn’t have anyone else to do it, and besides, I do love the dogs. Especially Calvin, who is on the right.

cal and snuggles 2

cal and snuggles3

me cal and snuggles 2


So anyway, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday passed by without a problem. Then on Wednesday night I brought them each a handball to play with, which they both immediately chewed into pieces. I could see they were starting to get aggressive as they were playing, so I took the balls away. Then there was a piece of a ball left on the floor, and they started fighting over it.

Next thing I knew, I was in the middle of a full blown dogfight. It was terrifying. Snuggles had Calvin’s face in his mouth and wouldn’t let go. I started screaming at him, but that didn’t work. Then I tried hitting him with a broom. That didn’t work. Calvin was bleeding, and knowing what I know about pitbulls, I thought that if I didn’t get Snuggles off Calvin, Calvin would die. I started kicking Snuggles and punching him in the face.

When I was punching him in the face and trying to pull him away from Calvin, he finally let go of Calvin, for a second. But in that second, Calvin launched himself on to Snuggles. Unfortunately for me, my hand was in the way, and Calvin ended up biting me as he was biting Snuggles!

I thought I was going to lose my hand.

After 15 or 20 seconds somehow my hand was released. I stepped away from the situation for a second and saw my hand was gushing blood. But I wasn’t concerned about it. Snuggles was biting Calvin’s face again, and all I could think about was separating the dogs.

On the kitchen counter there was a spray bottle of Lysol. I went over to the dogs and started spraying it in their faces, but it had no effect at all!! So then I unscrewed the top and literally just poured it over their heads. That made them each back off for a second, and in that time I was able to push Calvin into the bathroom and shut the door. Then I put Snuggles in a different room so he could calm down and so I could attend to Calvin – and myself.

I grabbed a towel and wrapped my hand up, then opened the bathroom door to see how Calvin was doing. It was hard to see, because the side of his face that was tore up is dark brown, but aside from the various obvious bite wounds it looked like the fur on had been rubbed off and the skin was all raw. You can sort of see it in the picture below (which is of the two of them the next night, acting as if nothing had happened!).

cal and snuggles - afterAround this point my adrenaline started wearing off and I started freaking the fuck out. I looked around and there was blood EVERYWHERE – on the floor, the walls, and of course all over my bathrobe, pajama pants and Uggs. I called my mom hysterically crying, barely able to spit out the story. She rushed over to take care of me, because MOMS ARE AWESOME. By the time she got there 15 minutes later I was still a mental (and physical) wreck. I was cursing out my ex and crying, because my hand was killing me and because I felt so bad for both dogs.

My mom took control of the situation. She calmed me down, wrapped my hand, and then helped me start cleaning up the dogs. Calvin didn’t want to be touched, so we attended to Snuggles, whose face was all cut up and whose lip looked like it was about fall off. Then we gently wiped Calvin clean. We decided it would be good idea to reintroduce the dogs, so we did that, and they were on alert but not aggressive in the slightest.

We also decided that I should go to the hospital for my hand. I didn’t want to, but there was this thing hanging out of one of my cuts that had me nervous (turns out it was tissue). So I drove to the hospital while my mom stayed with the dogs.

I wasn’t there too long. Two hours, maybe. Turns out that they don’t give stitches for dog bites, because dogs have dirty mouths and so they don’t want to stitch you up and potentially leave something dirty on the inside of your body. So all they did was cut that bit of tissue off, wrap my hand up, and give me a tetanus shot. And some painkillers. And a prescription for antibiotics.

Oh yeah, I was also bitten on the leg at some point, I think by Snuggles. Fortunately I was wearing leggings, pajama pants AND a bathrobe, so it didn’t really puncture the skin.

hand right afterfirst wrapbandage offleg bite

Now it’s almost 5 days later. My cuts are healing nicely, but my body is bruised and sore. But I’ll be fine. And really, it could have been much worse. I’m just thankful that I still have my hand and neither dog is dead.

Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve!!


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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15 Responses to Injured in a dog fight

  1. Wow! I get upset when my little dog bites me hard enough to break the skin, and I complain for days. But she does it once, to make her point, and then goes to sleep. Good for mom for coming tot he rescue.

  2. theoxherd says:

    So sad to see your mangled hand…you are amazing…a force to be reckoned with.

  3. ditchthemarriage says:

    Oh my gosh girl! I am so glad you are alright! I have been involved in two dogfights in my lifetime and I know exactly how you were feeling, reaching for ANYTHING in sight to break it up. In one case, I actually used a bicycle. Glad the dogs are ok too. Get some rest and eat up those painkillers! Happy New Year. 🙂

  4. nikki says:

    I am so glad that you and both dogs are okay! Happy New Year!

  5. The Mouse says:

    Get well soon (both physically and mentally). Happy New Year.

  6. MayDay says:

    Omg that would be so scary. Who would think that 2 dogs that are used to each other would get that aggressive.

  7. Jeni Johnson says:

    Ouch- I’m glad your injuries weren’t worse. I worked for a hand surgeons in a surgical center and will never forget the time a Man came in with a mangled left hand breaking up a dog fight in a dog park. He said he knew he should of never had gotten I between the fight but his little breed would have been killed had he didn’t try to save his life. Instinctively you knew you’d risk your own safety too. So brave. That bulldog is adorable! It’s unfornate pit bulls continue to get a bad rap but it is in their nature to be aggressive……KUDOS to you.

  8. locfog says:

    They look like they are such pals…and alot like my two dogs. … I wont be trying to break up their fights anymore…

  9. Lauren says:

    I’ve got American Bulldogs & have gone through 2 fights. Crazy trauma on them as well as on me. The 1st fight resulted in 1 dog becoming so fearful I couldn’t reintroduce them without hiring a trainer. Since then, we rely on a lot of routine, obedience, & I avoid situations that could cause excitement. I would never rely on someone else to babysit, not even people they know. Means I can’t travel much or even sleep over at the boyfriend’s, but these are my kids.

    The 2nd fight was last week. I separated them by dragging one dog by the hind legs (to avoid getting bitten) to a doorway, then separated them by closing the door on them. Maybe a shorter fight meant less trauma; both were sniffing noses with wagging tails through the screen door within minutes after I separated them, but I kept them separate overnight just in case. The next day I reintroduced them carefully, after getting advice from our trainer. So far so good; everyone is healing up nicely.

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