That awkward moment when someone posts a picture on Instagram and you realize that you’ve made out with all of the three guys in the picture. Part one.

Yeah, that happened to me on Sunday.

I had an alcohol-infused weekend. On Friday night I went out with friends from work with the explicit intention of getting drunk. I was definitely in a funk last week, and I wanted to drink my Bouncer/John troubles away. I still can’t figure that Bouncer shit out, but anyway… There’s not that much to recap about that night: got drunk, smoked a few cigarettes, didn’t puke when I got home. Success.

On Saturday night I went to a bar at this fancy hotel in the city. A coworker, Dan, had invited me and my other coworkers to his friend’s birthday party. I didn’t feel like going out, because I had to wake up early on Sunday, but my friends and I have been talking about going to more upscale places in the hopes that we might meet a better class of men. And since I’m also on the hunt for a new “favorite” bar in NYC after abandoning my old one to the Bouncer, I thought maybe I’d kill two birds with one stone.

So I went. The place was nice and the music was good, but the drinks were so expensive. And the crowd was way douchier than that of my old bar. But there were some cute guys there, so that helped. Not that it mattered, because I ended up making out with someone I already knew, one of Dan’s friends.

Which means that now I’ve made out with two of Dan’s friends. And Dan. Awkward!


Over the past few years my coworkers and I have become best friends. We hang out outside of work all the time, we go away together, etc. Dan is part of that group. Until recently, I considered him to be one of my best guy friends – who I just happen to flirt with and grind on when I’m drunk. My other friends have said that I should “just date him already,” but I don’t really feel that way about him. Plus, after my experience with John, I will never date a coworker ever again.

Then back in October we were at my former favorite bar in NYC and we were both drunk. (This was before I met the Bouncer.) I was grinding on Dan as per usual, not really  intending for it to go further, but suddenly the mood struck me and I went in for a kiss. It was short, maybe five seconds, and then I backed away and said “Oh my god, I can NOT be doing this with you!” The kiss was nice, but there were other coworkers around and I didn’t want it to turn into gossip.

A few weeks later we were all back at my former favorite bar. It was Thanksgiving Eve, actually – my first time going back to the bar after the Bouncer didn’t call me. Towards the end of the night Dan said to me, “So, did we hook up the last time we were here? I was really drunk that night.” Yeah right, as if he didn’t remember! We talked about the kiss. I told him that I didn’t want it to happen again, because it could ruin our friendship.

We took a cab together that night, as we almost always do when we hang out (we take a cab to his car and then he drives me home). I had seen – and been ignored by – the Bouncer only moments before we hopped in the cab, so I was feeling pretty shitty during the ride home. Of course, Dan was completely oblivious to that. He just wanted to keep talking about our kiss – how it happened, who started it, etc. I humored him and was honest about everything. I told him that I had enjoyed it and regretted cutting it short, but I didn’t want to ruin things.

When we finally got to my house and it was time for me to say goodbye I kissed him on the cheek – but then I lingered for a good 10 seconds before pulling away.

“You WANT to make out with me!” he said. The look of surprise on his face was so funny.

“Yes, I do,” I said. “But I REALLY don’t want to ruin our friendship. So that’s it. Goodnight.”

I DID want to makeout, but I knew that was mostly because I was looking for an ego boost after being rejected by the Bouncer. It wouldn’t be right to use Dan like that, and it would just make things more complicated between us in the future.

We’ve only hung out twice since then. The first time was at the afterparty of our office holiday party, where he was so drunk that HE was flirting and grinding on all us girls. The second time was this past Saturday night at the hotel bar, where our relationship seemed to be back to normal – i.e., there was mild flirting but both of us were on the prowl looking for other people to hook up with.

So yeah, that’s the story about the time I made out with Dan. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about making out with his two friends.


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    I’ve missed your blogs! Email notifications back on! 🙂

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