That awkward moment when someone posts a picture on Instagram and you realize that you’ve made out with all three guys in the picture – part two

Now that you’ve already read about the night I made out with Dan, here is the story of me making out with his two friends.


Like I said in my last post, my coworkers and I hang out all the time. Occasionally one of us will invite our “outside friends” to join us. That’s how I met Rich, Dan’s friend. He’s cute, but a bit of an oddball. In the two or three years since we met I’d say we’ve made out on maybe five different occasions. But it’s never gone beyond that – we’ve never even talked outside of those social gatherings.

The last time I made out with Rich was…wait for it…on Thanksgiving Eve. Which, if you’re not keeping track, is the first time I went to the bar after being dissed by the Bouncer AND is also the night that Dan wanted to talk about us making out. So yeah, between Rich, Dan and the Bouncer, I had a LOT going on that night.

Dan had invited Rich to meet up with us at my favorite bar. I hadn’t seen Rich in several months, and it had been over a year since we’d last made out. But he was extremely flirty and complimentary as he usually is, and I figured that if nothing was going to happen with the Bouncer I might as well get my ego boosted by flirting and making out with Rich. So I did, no big deal. (This is also part of the reason why I didn’t want to make out with Dan that night – I had just been making out with his friend!)

After Thanksgiving Eve that I didn’t see Rich again until this past Saturday night, at the birthday party at the hotel bar. He was there with…his wife!

I had heard that Rich had gotten married, but that it was a greencard marriage and he wasn’t actually in a relationship with the girl. I’m friends with him on Facebook and we follow each other on Instagram, and on those two sites there is no indication that this girl even exists! When I made out with him on Thanksgiving Eve he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, and he definitely initiated our first kiss that night.

When I got to the bar on Saturday, Dan introduced me to some girl. At first I thought she was Dan’s friend, but then my friend turned to me and whispered: “That’s Rich’s WIFE!!!” I think my eyes bugged out of my head, I was so surprised. They were by each others’ sides all night and are clearly very much in a relationship – at least as far as she’s concerned. So yeah, that’s the end of Rich.


Which brings me to Steve. He’s another one of Dan’s friends. Before Saturday night’s birthday party I had only met him twice, and Rich was there both times (they’re best friends). I thought he was cute, but since I already had my little thing going with Rich, Steve wasn’t an option – until I met Rich’s wife, that is, and realized that my “thing” with Rich was officially over.

Even so, I probably would have ignored Steve all night if he hadn’t re-introduced himself to me. We were talking and it turns out that we grew up in the same neighborhood and that we currently live like 5 blocks away from each other. After talking for awhile and dancing a bit I found myself digging him. I asked my friends if they thought it was bad for me to hook up with him considering the whole Dan and Rich connection, but they gave me the green light and so I decided to go for it.

There’s not that much more to say about it. We made out a little at the bar, and then we left together. We had both driven into the city, so we walked to my car, then I drove him to his car, and then I followed him home. When we got to my house he double parked, we made out for a few minutes, and then I sent him on his way.

(See that? That’s me NOT moving too fast. It CAN be done.)

When I woke up the next morning I didn’t have any particularly strong feelings about Steve. On the contrary, my last amazing night with the Bouncer was the first thing on my mind. (Ugh, it’s so annoying! Will he just get out of my head already??) Steve texted me at around 2, and it was quite a turn-off.

Him: I would rather enjoy continuing kissing you.

No “Hello” or “How you feeling today?” – just straight to the sexting (although it’s not quite a sext, but still, it’s in the ballpark). What was I supposed to say, “Okay, come over!”? I waited a few hours to respond (I was actually out doing stuff), but when I did I kept it light.

Me: That’s because I’m such a good kisser! Lol how are you doing today?

We then had a short conversation that went nowhere. After three or four texts back and forth I realized he wasn’t asking me questions or engaging me in a conversation. Following my drunken revelation to stop putting in so much effort, I decided not to respond to his last text.

He didn’t text again. My guess is that at some point on Sunday he found out that I had hooked up with Rich in the past and was turned off. Or maybe he just wasn’t interested. Honestly, I don’t care. And I’m not just saying that – I REALLY don’t care! And it’s refreshing to feel this way.

Which brings me back to the title of this post: That awkward moment when someone posts a picture on Instagram and you realize that you’ve made out with all three guys in the picture.

To be concluded…


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