That awkward moment when someone posts a picture on Instagram and you realize that you’ve made out with all three guys in the picture. Part three.

(Part OnePart Two)

So there I am on Sunday night, sprawled out on my couch after a long day and an even longer weekend, when my friend sends me the following text: “Look, it’s all of your faves!!” followed by this screenshot of Rich’s Instagram:


I swear, if she hadn’t pointed it out to me, I don’t think I would have ever looked at that picture and thought: “Oh wow, I made out with all three of those guys.” I don’t feel bad about it – it’s not like I slept with any of them. We only kissed – NOT a big deal. But still, I get a kind of weird feeling when I look at that picture.

It did leave me thinking that maybe I should stop all this frivolous making out with people. Even when I don’t end up caring about the guys, they are still in my consciousness and my thoughts. (Of course, a large part of that has to do with the fact that I end up having to rehash these stories on this blog, which forces me to think about things at a much deeper level than I normally would.)

Or sometimes the guys I make out with just end up “in my life” period. The first time I went to my former favorite bar back in May, I ended up making out with some 23 year old. How was I to know that it was HIS favorite bar as well, and that I would end up seeing him EVERY SINGLE TIME I went there? That was annoying…especially the time I was making out with Emir and he was standing two feet away and staring at me. Lol.

By the way, Steve DID end up texting me, last night. Although I REALLY didn’t care whether he texted, I still felt a sense of victory. Silly, right?

Him: Hello there

Me: Hi Steve (I was going to say “How are you?” but I decided to let him do the work.)

Him: How’s your week going?

Me: Pretty good I suppose. Just another normal Monday through Thursday. You? (I almost didn’t say “You?” but I thought that would be rude.)

Him: Yeah I hear ya, same old same for me too..any fun plans for the weekend?

Me: Tomorrow I’m going to a party at my salsa school, that should be fun. Saturday I’m going to my friend’s two year old daughter’s bday party. Not looking forward to that quite as much lol. (Again, it was a conscious decision NOT to ask him what he was doing this weekend.)

Him: No wonder you’re such a swell dancer!

Him: If you aren’t too partied out from the birthday jam perhaps we can get together that night. (I wasn’t sure if this implied booty call or not. I mean, the birthday party I’m going to is from 5-9, but most parties for two-year-olds are during the day, so maybe he just meant to get together later in the evening. It didn’t matter though.)

Me: No I’m supposed to do movie night with the girls afterwards. Maybe another time.

Him: Sounds good. (At this point I started to feel bad, thinking I had been too abrupt.)

Me: Lol @ the swell dancer comment, I just noticed it 🙂

Him: Ha yea I’m good like that!

Me: Lol well have a good night. Hit me up whenever.

Him: Same to you 🙂

Even though I didn’t care if I ever heard from Steve again, I’m not opposed to actually seeing him again – provided that he does all the work and it’s not just a hooking up thing. If anything I’ll treat this as a way to practice the way I should be acting with guys I barely know – unemotional and detached.


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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One Response to That awkward moment when someone posts a picture on Instagram and you realize that you’ve made out with all three guys in the picture. Part three.

  1. Something similar happened to me once, except I was dating one of the guys. Whoops! 🙂

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