Happy birthday to me!

I’ll resume the “two dates in one week” story next week. But right now I must take a moment to talk about my birthday (I’m 34 today) and then share something that happened this morning.

I’ve never been the type of girl who gets freaked out by getting old. It’s probably because I was married so young. It didn’t really matter that I was flying through my twenties – I already had a man and so I never felt that pressure to find a husband that I know my single friends in their twenties occasionally feel.

My 30th birthday was a month after my ex and I decided to split. Instead of dreading turning 30, the way most women do, I embraced it – because to me it represented a new chapter in my life and was so entwined with my new-found sense of freedom and happiness. And the last four years since have been amazing. Sure, there have some low points, but overall I’ve had so many good times.

(I really do appreciate just how lucky I am to have so many people in my life that I genuinely enjoy spending time with. Not a lot of people have that.)

But now I’m 34. It’s hard to explain, but this just isn’t what I thought 34 would be like. In my twenties I would have considered 34 “old.” But here I am, 34, and I don’t feel old at all! I don’t look old, and I certainly don’t act old, but I’m definitely getting up there, number wise. And for some reason 34 seems a LOT older than 33. I think it’s because it’s so close to 35, which is so close to 40.

But whatever. Age ain’t nothin but a number, right? Tonight and tomorrow I’m going to be out celebrating with people who love me, who I love in return, and that’s really all that matters.

Now let me share what happened to me this morning, which has put me in SUCH a good mood!

I was running late for work this morning, because I’m going out later and so I had to wash, dry and flat iron my hair. Then I stopped at my mom’s house before heading to the train, because I’m not going to see her later since I’m going out. By the time I found parking and got on the train, it was almost 9am.

So I get on the train and there’s this really cute guy standing right across from me. He was in my line of sight during my entire 20 minute train ride into the city. I would occasionally look at him, and I could see him doing the same to me. When I got to 59th street to transfer to my next train, he got off too. We walked downstairs literally side by side, but when we got to the bottom of the stairs I went right and he went left. I could see that he was heading to the same train as me, he was just taking different stairs to get there, meaning we would be in different cars. As I reached the stairs I gave him one last look – and saw that he was looking too! I smiled to myself but continued walking.

When I got downstairs I looked to my right to see if I could see him, and lo and behold, there he was, slowwwwly making his way towards where I was standing. By the time the train came he was maybe like 10 feet from me. We used separate doors of the same train car, but somehow ended up standing more or less right next to each other. This time I couldn’t see him directly, but I could see his reflection in the window, and he could see mine. We exchanged at least a dozen glances, but I just couldn’t bring myself to maintain eye contact for more than a second or two. Punk!

When the train pulled into Grand Central I started moving towards the door, away from him, and I could tell by his lack of movement that he wasn’t getting off the train. Damn. I exited the train, and as I was heading upstairs I got one last look at him before he was out of sight. This time, finally, I smiled at him.

As I walked up the stairs I was so mad at myself! Why the hell didn’t I smile earlier? Maybe he would have approached me if I did. Talk about a missed connection.

All of the sudden, just as I was about to go through the turnstile to leave the train station, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, startled at first but then shocked to see that it was him!

I took off my headphones and was like “Hi…”, with a smile on my face. He said, “Hi! Um, I was wondering, I hope you don’t think this is creepy, but could I call you sometime?” I said,”Sure!” As he took out his phone we exchanged names, and then he said again, “I hope you don’t think that I’m a creep or something.” I laughed and said, “No, not at all. I just didn’t think you had gotten off the train.” He said, “Well I’m actually heading downtown right now. I just got off, you know, to see if you wanted to go out sometime.” So I gave him my number, and he said he’d text me later on.

I walked away with the biggest Kool aid smile. I’m serious, people must have thought I was crazy, walking through Grand Central station smiling and laughing to myself.

So yeah, that was a great way to start my 34th year!


About notchangingmyname

I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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17 Responses to Happy birthday to me!

  1. ellyvegas1 says:

    Happy birthday doll 🙂

  2. Matthew says:

    Great story, and definitely an ideal way to begin a new birth year.

    Happy Birthday.

  3. mayday says:

    That’s so cute! Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! You don’t look 34 and to be that’s always the plus side to the birthdays. It’s more about how you feel than what you are. Enjoy this weekend and hopefully you’ll have some great stories to blog about next week 🙂

  5. Jeni Johnson says:

    Great experience! That rarely happens, you two ending up sharing glances on the 2nd train. Camt wait to see what transpires next………Ahhhhhh. Happy Flipping Birthday! Let me know how you feel when you turn 35. I couldn’t believe I made it that far in Oct. and feeling the way I do, looking young ( i think ) except for the damn crows feet when I get a koolaid smile. BOTOX? You bet cha Babe! HB!

  6. Meghan says:

    Absolutely love this story and what an amazing way to welcome in 34! Happiest of birthdays!

  7. Thanks! It was definitely a great start to a great bday weekend. 🙂

  8. Happy birthday! But you can’t really say you’re not freaked out by getting old until you actually get old. Try fifty! (and there’s worse to come).

  9. Tony Bird says:

    The soundtrack for this day was “Call Me Maybe”. I hope I didn’t song f*ck you too bad. 🙂

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