Train Guy – Part One

Last week I was so preoccupied with my PicStitcher story (Lying about your age – it’s not just for women) that I forgot to write about what happened with Train Guy!

I met Train Guy on my birthday, which was three weeks ago on a Friday. We originally made plans to hang out on the upcoming Sunday, but it didn’t end up happening.

Let me start by saying that in the two days that I’d been texting with him, he made TWO sexual comments.

#1 – the day we met:

Him: Any plans this weekend?

Me: Some plans. Today’s actually my birthday, so I’ve got dinner and drinks and whatnot planned for tonight and tomorrow.

Him: Wow!! Happy birthday. See I was your gift in disguise today, lol. Well we should grab drinks one day and act retarded all over the city. ;)

Me: Haha well you were definitely a great start to the day.

Him: Mmmmmmmmm

When I saw his “Mmmmmmmmm” (yes, with 10 M’s) I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach, like “Oh great, this guy is a creep.” I mean, we JUST met, there’s no need for sexual overtones so soon. Then I thought that maybe he meant to say “MmmmHmmm,” which would have a completely different meaning altogether, you know?

Me: Mmmm what?

Him: Lolol. Meant mmmmmmm meaning it’s a GOOD thing.

Me: Lol sometimes it’s hard to interpret things over text

Him: And I also meant mmmmmmmmmmin regards to your sexy self.

Me: Oh. Do you work this weekend?

I’m no prude (clearly), but that portion of the conversation left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

#2 – On Sunday, a few hours before we were supposed to meet:

Him: Hey birthday girl

Me: Hey how’s it going

Him: All is well. How was your party hardy bday weekend?

Me: It was fun! Lots of fun. But exhausting too.

Him: Well let me know if your down to hang later. Maybe I can exhaust you even more. 😉

Really?????? Ugh!!!

So yeah, between those two comments I wasn’t exactly looking forward to meeting up with him. But I had to – him coming up to me on the train like that had been such a great story that I had to see how it played out!

We had planned to meet up on Sunday night around 9 after I finished running errands. At 8, I texted him to let him know I was done. We were starting to talk about where we were going to meet when he said, “I have to warn you…I’ve had a few.”

I immediately decided that I didn’t want to meet up with him. The thought of him being drunk and getting inappropriate with me or just being plain obnoxious was SUCH a turnoff, and I didn’t want to deal with it.

Me: Hm. Maybe we should reschedule then? I don’t want you to make a bad impression on me, and generally I find drunk people to be annoying unless I’m drunk too :-).

Me (a minute later): Yeah, we should definitely reschedule.

Him: I really want to see you.

Me: Nah it’s best to leave it for another time.

Him: You bailing on me?

Me: Lol you shouldn’t look at it that way. I want to meet up with you (clearly, that’s why I gave you my number), but I want to start off at the same level so I can get to know you.”

That last text was a lot nicer than I wanted to be. I HATE trying to reason with drunk people! He responded with “Ok,” and that was it for the rest of the night.

The next morning he texted me: “Hey Rory, I apologize for last night. I definitely have to make it up to you.” I waited awhile before saying, “I accept your apology. And yes, you do.” He said “Damn you’re a tough one :-).” I didn’t respond. I was really busy at work all day and besides, let him sweat it out a little bit, right? But in reality, I wasn’t mad or judging at all. Shit happens. Occasionally you get drunker than you intended – it has happened to me many times.

Anyway, he texted me on Tuesday morning and asked me if I wanted to meet up for coffee or to go for a walk or something after work (lol). I told him I was busy, but I could meet up with him on Thursday. So we made plans to meet at a coffee shop on Thursday.

To be continued.


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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2 Responses to Train Guy – Part One

  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    Ah! Following your gut! I love how classy you are, handling his proposed drunk meet-up with the “same level” bit. I just learned a lesson Rory. Your meet up seemed so exclusive with the same route and same rail car(?) I thought this would make for a great story to tell your Grandchildren. Hahahaha. Would make for a great romance novel regardless.

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