The Return of the Bouncer, Part Two – The Revelation

(Part One)

At around 7:30 my phone rang, and I was surprised and pleased to see the Bouncer’s name come up on my caller id. But when I answered the phone, it was a woman.

“Hello, is this Roni?” she asked.

“It’s Rory,” I said. “Who is this?”

“This is Gina, the Bouncer’s wife,” she said.

“His wife?” I asked. I thought I’d misheard.

“Yeah, his wife.”

“His wife?” I asked again. It just wasn’t sinking in.

“Yeah. You didn’t know he was married?”

“No! I didn’t know. His wife?? Really?? No, I didn’t know.” You could hear the shock and disbelief in my voice.

“Well, I’m calling you to let you know he’s married and to tell you to stay the fuck away from my husband.”

She started to say something else that I think was going to turn into a threat, but I interrupted her. “Honey, you can stop. I have NO interest in a married man.” I guess she could hear in my voice that I was telling the truth, because she said, “Okay, I believe you.”

Then the tone of her voice changed: “I believe you didn’t know he was married. Please, please, woman to woman, just tell me, what happened between you two?” I said, “Nothing happened.”

Then I heard the Bouncer in the background, “Gina, I told you nothing happened.” She asked me again, and again I said that nothing had happened. She said (for the Bouncer’s benefit), “Okay, thanks for telling me that something happened.” I listened to them argue for a second, and then the phone went dead.

I swear, up until the moment that I heard the Bouncer’s voice in the background, I was waiting for her to say “Sike! Just kidding.”

That happened at around 7:30 at night, while I was in NJ with my mom. I had to spend the next hour or two listening to my mom talk about American Idol and God knows what else during our car ride home, all the while trying to seem like nothing had happened. Meanwhile I felt absolutely sick to my stomach.

When I got home I headed straight to my computer to Google Gina (I googled “Gina” and the Bouncer’s full name, which, if you recall, I knew because once upon a time he was a pseudo-celebrity). I was immediately taken to her Facebook page. It was mostly private, but I was able to see a few pictures – including pictures she posted of the Bouncer with the caption “my man is the sexiest man alive” – and some of the events on her timelime – including that she had gotten “engaged” in March 2012.

One of my friends said that if she were me, she would have told Gina exactly what happened between me and the Bouncer. Fuck that. Clearly this woman is emotionally unstable. I don’t need her latching onto me as the woman who “ruined” her marriage. And I will be honest – her voice was kinda…Sopranos/Mobs Wives-ish. I’m not trying to get involved in that.

(Based off her Facebook pictures, that was a good move. She’s older but does fitness modeling. I’m pretty sure she could kick my ass.)

After I stalked her on Facebook I composed a long text to my girlfriends, telling them what had happened. I ended it with this:

So…yeah. That’s the end of the Bouncer. I’m still glad I went to (my favorite bar) yesterday. At least I got my closure and I won’t keep wondering about him this summer. And I’m glad everything came to light right away, before anything else happened. Smh…

But I was wrong. That wasn’t the end of the Bouncer.

To be continued.


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I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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8 Responses to The Return of the Bouncer, Part Two – The Revelation

  1. mayday says:

    You’re right, it’s a good thing you wouldn’t always be wondering. Unfreakin believable though. The whole thing sounds like a movie.

    • Totally. I drove by there the other day, and normally I would have been all “Oh the Bouncer, wah, should I confront him?” But this time I didn’t even think about him until I was like a block away, and when I did it was like “Oh right, the Bouncer. Whatever.”

  2. errrdaniels says:

    Ahh! There’s another part to the story – this is insane!

  3. This story is so intense and the fact it isn’t over yet is that much more enticing!

  4. mizqui says:

    Wow! I stumbled onto this page researching hcg and came up on a GREAT MIND! Your mind: Rory. Goood morning. Your story was way better than STARBUCKS coffee today and I am sharply awake. Awesome blog of purpose. WRITE ON sister. 🙂 It’s a great read!

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