Time to switch up the blog again?

I guess I messed up by focusing this blog on dating…because now that I’m in a relationship, I don’t have any more interesting stories to share!

Actually, that’s not true. There is ONE more dating story, the story about Pic-stitcher. But it’s a long story, and I don’t think I’ll have a chance to write it before Dave comes and visits me next week.

Yes, Dave is coming on Sunday! For a week. I’m obviously extremely excited about that. Things with him are going as well as they can be. We talk on the phone nearly every day, and text nonstop. On a day-to-day basis the distance is frustrating, of course, because now it’s like I’m always playing the waiting game, not really enjoying my daily activities and instead just counting down until I get to see him.

Although I guess if I wanted to be a glass-half-full type of person, I could say that at least I have constantly something to look forward to. But yeah, not really. The distance sucks.

Aside from Dave, I’ve really just been focusing on my food blog. Here are some recipes I’ve posted recently. (I just checked and I haven’t linked to my recipes since JANUARY!) Some of these might look familiar because I’ve posted them here in the past. I’ve been trying to recreate all of the recipes that I posted here them for that site, trying to take better pictures, etc.

Sugar-free, gluten-free banana nut muffins

muffins 1

Sugar-free strawberry cream cheese frosting


Diet-friendly Mashed Cauliflower (aka “Mock Mashed Potatoes”)

mashed 2

Homemade Sugar-free Chocolate made with Coconut Oil

cocoa crack with nuts

Sugar-free Peanut Butter Cups

peanut butter cup out of freezer


About notchangingmyname

I'm a thirty-something, about-to-be-divorced, former blogger trying to navigate single life.
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3 Responses to Time to switch up the blog again?

  1. emarie24 says:

    I want to hear all about Dave!!! I still say long distance SUCKS!

  2. ellyvegas1 says:

    Long distance is definitely hard and I was never able to do it but I’m glad you guys are making it work! And yes I too wanna hear more about Dave πŸ˜‰

  3. SillyG says:

    Keep them separate! Your food blog is great! You have lots to talk about besides dating on this one πŸ™‚

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